We understand that a quality education at an independent school is a major family investment. To keep tuition affordable at The International School of Madeira, we offer tuition payment options, please contact our office for further information. 

The Prep school year runs from September through July. 
The Primary school year runs from September through June. 
Class                             Age                        Annual Fee*
Prep One                    3.5/4                             €2750
Prep Two                       5                                 €2750
Primary One                 6                                 €2700
Primary Two                 7                                 €2900
Primary Three              8                                 €3100
Primary Four                9                                 €3300
Homework Club          All                                 €500
*The Prep fees can be paid in three termly instalments or eleven monthly instalments at the discretion of the school. The Primary fees can be paid in three termly instalments or ten monthly instalments at the discretion of the school.
Primary 5 & 6**          10-12                            €200 per month
**The Primary 5 & 6 syllabus is available for those who wish to continue their English studies after moving on to middle school. This covers twelve hours per month of tuition in the evenings.
At The International School of Madeira, we welcome all enquiries regarding admissions and encourage pupils and families to visit the school, by appointment, for an opportunity to see all that we offer. Parents interested in enrolling their children at The International School of Madeira must first complete and submit the enrolment form available from via the web site. If there is a physical vacancy and the child is accepted as a pupil, an Admission Fee is payable. 

For all levels, a personal interview with the principal of the school is required. At Primary 1 level, an evaluation of the child will be used in a comprehensive assessment process by the school's Admissions Committee to determine the child's readiness for entrance into Primary 1. 

We have found this necessary at Primary 1 level to ensure that the children have the social and motor skills necessary to enable them to participate fully, contribute and interact with other pupils at the same class level. To enrol in Primary 1 the pupil must be six years old by 31 December of that school year.
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