The International School of Madeira provides a bilingual syllabus where primary age children from the age of four are immersed in the English language; thinking, learning, playing and communicating. As a result of our bilingual environment, our pupils possess an excellent level of fluency in both English and Portuguese when they leave our school.

Our class sizes are kept small; no more than fifteen pupils per class, this ensures that our teachers can give your child the time and attention they need academically and emotionally develop in a caring and family-orientated atmosphere. 

This strategy has ensured that our pupils have been prepared to further their education as young adults locally or internationally, to the extent that we now boast doctors, engineers, mathematicians and teachers as part of our alumni. We have strong links with some of the best secondary schools within Madeira and are always happy to see our pupils continue to grow and succeed. 

We firmly believe, that while academic success is undoubtedly important, it is the influence our students go on to have in the world that makes us truly proud of the adults we have helped shape. Our past pupils have achieved some outstanding feats, but it is the characteristics of curiosity and ability to learn, to both lead and to serve that assure us our pupils possess the skills to succeed.
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